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As an artist and tutor I am always on the lookout for images to use as reference material for paintings and drawings, and whilst you cannot replace painting en-plain air, it is not always practical considering the English climate, not to mention somewhat intimidating for the less experienced artist.

Having taught painting and drawing for many years, I have always encouraged my students to work from their own sketches and photos wherever possible, however I have come to realise that it takes experience to know what will make a good painting, and poor photos will lack sufficient detail or composition to be truly useful. I have always advised against using photographs in books, or working from other peoples paintings, apart from the obvious copyright infringement (even if it is only for oneself), the results are often a poor interpretation, leaving you frustrated and disappointed.

As a result of teaching and my own practice I have amassed quite a collection of my own photographs on a variety of subjects, many of which have become the subject of my own painting as well class subjects in class.I do not profess to be the world's best photographer but I do have an artist's eye, and try to take photos that have potential to be used for paintings or to be included in paintings. It is my philosophy that even if I gave the same photo to a group of ten students to work from, I would hope to get ten very different paintings, it is how we interpret them that makes us artists.

I have set up "Artists Photo Source" as a cost free resource for other artists, art tutors and art students to use as inspiration for their own paintings and drawings, all you have to do it add imagination. You are welcome to use them as they are, crop them or take elements from them if you wish, and you are free to sell or publish any artwork based on these photos although you may not republish the original photo or claim that it is yours.

Please contact us if you wish to use any photographs for any other purpose than that stated, there is no harm in asking.

Happy painting!

Jo Quigley

by Jo Quigley - Quigley Arts